• Client: TOAST

When we decide to have more relaxed and feelgood day, we sometimes think about making a hand drip coffee. The preparation may take more steps and time, but when a nice coffee is in your hand, you feel satisfied. Hence, to design a coffee set that make simple and good coffee, people will like to have it and use it often, is our important criteria for this project.

We found that V60 paper filter is most popular in the market, we started to explore what we can do around it. A metal wire holder pop up to our mind as it will be light, non-breakable compared to traditional ceramic. We intend to create something simple but unique that looks nice and makes good coffee.

The copper wire dripper is the most remarkable feature of this design. The special structure holds the filter paper nicely in a way that it reduces the surface contact with the filter paper, so that water flow is easier to control. The coffee flavor made by this dripper is rich and balanced. Metal treated with copper tone makes the range looks cool, and reminds us the coffee culture we are familiar.

A minimalist-shape double wall glass carafe is good at keeping coffee warm, and you won't feel hot when you use it. The H.A.N.D Kettle is designed for making drip coffee. The thin spout is not only elegant but also enables water to flow slowly and predictably throughout the kettle even with small amount of water. The angle wooden handle creates warm and stable feeling. The quality metal finishing gives the kettle a simple and eye-catching look.

The set includes a single dripper, dripper with carafe, dripper with a plastic holder for mugs, a pull over brewing kettle, mugs in different colors.

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